We are the Contractor for all kind of Water Systems

Water Supply Plant

Construction, Design to meet or exceed government or industrial standards

-> Construct to meet or exceed government or industrial standards.
-> Checking maintenance or Renovation of water supply plant.

Swimming Pools : Private and commercial, Water Fountain and Water Fall

  -> Design all types of swimming pools, such as Standard pools and Free form pools
  -> Construct pools both private and commercial pools
  -> Provide and install pool equipments and accessories.
  -> Design, Construction Water Fountain and Water Fall

Water Filtration System

-> Design, Sales, and Install drinking water system meet Thai FDA and W.H.O. standards.   
-> Design, Sales, and Install Filtration system for industrial, commercial or residential.

Sprinkle and Irrigation system

-> Design and Construction Sprinkle and Irrigation system for Golf Course or Farm

We are Distributor of Water Treatment Equipment

-> Export and Sale of “Prozone” Ozone Generator patented technology from USA

-> Export and Sale of “Clack” Control valve for Filter and Softener from USA

-> RO and DI Water purification Assembly

-> Dealer and service center for most Major brand of pumps (sewage pumps, domestic pumps, Fire pumps, booster pumps, industrial pumps, submersible pumps, agricultural pumps, etc)

  -> Sale of dosing pumps for Industrial and Commercial use.

  -> Dealer for control panels and Service of Control system.

We are Manufacturer

-> Filter Tank made to order from ∅ 150 mm. to ∅ 4000 mm.

-> High Water Tank (12 or 20 meters) made to Government standard

-> Solar Water Heaters.

-> Accessories for Water Supply Systems.

-> Reverse Osmosis Systems.

-> Coin operated Water Dispensers.

We are Service Provider

Inter Water Treatment Company was the first service provider for Grundfos pumps in Thailand.

  -> Renovation of Solids Contact Clarified Tank, Filter and Softener

  -> Repairing and fix all kind of Water Pumps, Dosing Pumps

  -> Follow up service on all parts of Water pump, Filter, Softener.

  -> Water quality inspection, equipment check and maintenance for all types of swimming pools.

We are Professional Consultant 

Thai Consultancy Database Center has registered Inter Water Treatment Company Limited as a consulting Firm, Category A, Number 560 in the field of water supply and sanitary sector (WS) and Agriculture and Rural Development sector (AG).

-> Professional, knowledgeable consultants on all types of Water Systems.

-> Consultants for surface and ground water supply: Provide one stop service for any kind of water system needs.

-> Trainings Program for Government officer and Private Sector.